A day at the office.

Commuters standing on a train platform in Port Washington, NYCommuters standing on a train platform in Port Washington, NY

I spent all of yesterday working from our offices in Manhattan. This was the first time I had been to the building, ever, and my first time meeting everyone in person after spending six months getting to know the team via video-conference software, from the comfort of my home. It was...different.

The offices are nice, and presently empty. I spent most of the day in a large conference room and a short time sitting at an empty desk among many other empty desks. We've all been vaccinated and allowed to not wear masks inside the building, but it was still a little odd, at least at first, especially in the elevator on the way up.

Later the team gathered at a rooftop bar to celebrate the day. We were drinking and talking and eating together--getting to know each other. It felt normal and nice. Down on the streets below, everyone went about their day, walking briskly from one place to another, catching the bus or hailing a cab--the lights of mid-town still pulsing like nothing ever happened here.

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