6 Weeks of Building Stuff on AWS in my Basement

6 Weeks of Building Stuff on AWS in my Basement

I've been "going live" every Friday for the past six weeks. It's been pretty fun! Each week I spend an hour and a half talking through how I would build something on AWS. It's been heavily focused on building with Go and serverless services like AWS Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB. I've also been digging into Generative AI with Amazon Bedrock and Anthropic Claude.

Below is each livestream along with a few selected highlights. Each episode builds on the previous one.

Episode 1

In this first livestream I went through the process of building a "Hello, World" program in Go and then turned that into something that can run on AWS Lambda. We also learned a little about the Serverless Application Model (SAM). Yay!

8:50 Getting Started
12:31 Hello, Go
31:38 Hello, AWS Lambda
1:02:49 Hello, AWS SAM

Episode 2

Here we dig into building a small Go project using AWS Lambda, API Gateway and Amazon Bedrock.

07:33 Recap from last week and API Gateway
28:17 Project overview
36:39 Amazon Bedrock intro
44:30 Project build and talking to an API
01:06:01 Prompt engineering and talking to Bedrock
01:23:17 Working code
01:25:36 Make it a Lambda

Episode 3

Next we finish up deploying our generative service for creating art inspired poems, and we talk about Go packages, and strategies for handling long running requests.

03:03 Recap
17:40 Adding query string params
34:07 Architecture review
45:18 Experimenting with different LLMs
49:37 Architecture review again
51:45 Code refactor with functions
01:07:23 Go Packages
01:12:15 Architecture review again
01:25:21 Logging

Episode 4

In episode 4 we implement Amazon DynamoDB as a persistent data store for our Generative AI crafted poetry.

3:24 Recap
10:00 Sketching out DynamoDB feature
21:40 DynamoDB Intro
34:30 Connecting Lambda to DynamoDB
01:35:00 Working code!

Episode 5

In this episode we refactor our Generative AI Poem project, adding better logging and error handling.

1:45 Recap
8:36 Quick into to Git
10:55 Amazon Q and Code Whisperer
14:41 Better errors
27:43 Pointers
39:00 Testing
47:18 Architecture review
52:25 Returning JSON
01:06:24 Refactor into packages & next steps
01:12:01 Architecture review again & new ideas

Episode 6

In episode 6 we learn all about Go Packages, documenting your code and we clean a few things up for a better poems generator service. We also try out Anthropic Claude 3 via Amazon Bedrock!

4:20 Recap
20:15 Go Packages
34:37 Cleanup Prompt
40:20 Trying Claude 3
45:00 Using go-micah/go-bedrock
01:08:19 Clean up API response
1:22:23 Tour of Claude 3's vision capabilities


If you want to watch all the episodes at once (that's 9 hours!) I have put together a playlist here.

And if you want to tune in to future episodes, be sure to subscribe to my channel on YouTube or Twitch!