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The author, wielding a fancy camera-phone.

Welcome to my website.

This website has evolved over the years. It's always been a space for me to sort of explain myself to the world--a "homepage" if you will. I've used it as a blog, a portfolio site, and at times just a page directing you all to another place on the web where I'm focusing my energy. I've ran this site on several platforms, built from scratch or sometimes bought, and if there is one thing I can say for sure--it will continue to change.

For now, I hope this new site will be a place where I can share stories. I hope it will serve as a meeting ground for new ideas, words and photographs, and how some of these things came to be. If you know me, this might all make sense, if not, I hope you will be inclined to follow along and find out.

A little about me

Presently, I am a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS). We make the internet! But really, I help large enterprises build on top of our cloud services. It's a fun job and I've been doing it since January of 2021, so it's very new to me! Before this I ran a digital studio called Micah Walter Studio (MWS), where I tried to help museums and cultural organizations build their own technology (often on AWS)! Before MWS and AWS I worked at a museum called Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, where I was part of the digital team and eventually the Director of Digital & Emerging Media--none of which fits into another nice abreviation that rhymes with AWS.

Previous to all of this tech stuff, I was a photojournalist based in Israel and Washington DC, and I have a background in Imaging and Photographic Technology. You can feel free to read all about my professional life on my LinkedIn page!

I'm also a relatively new dad and a slightly less relatively new husband to an amazing person named Amanda. We live in a "water town" on Long Island called Port Washington, NY and before that we both lived in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn, overlooking the subway tracks, but also nestled comfortably by Prospect Park and many wonderful coffee shops that are not called Dunkin.

What to expect

I tend to get an idea and run with it and eventually that idea changes or fades and I get another. So, it's hard to tell you what you might get if you sign up for membership on this website.

BUT! I can promise you it will be interesting and hopefully insightful and inspiring. That's kinda my thing. Here's a list of what you might find here.

  • Technology – yes I’ll talk about technology, the future of tech and its enormous impact on our world.
  • Photography – I often think of myself as a photographer and so I’ll talk about this too but don’t worry, I’ll never post a camera or gear review here.
  • Writing – yes I’ll likely write about writing a little and the stories I'm working on.
  • Work – I’m very interested in how work works. I’ll talk a bit about how we work and the future of work and what I’m working on.
  • Also - thoughts about music, parenting, art, science, design, transportation and living room furniture may or may not wind up on this site.

Also stories

One thing that is new is that I've been writing fiction in my spare time. I plan to publish some of that here when I'm ready and if you are a paid subscriber you will be receiving these stories in your inbox. Isn't that swell?!

How to

There are no less than three ways to experience this new website. Please select the one that is best for you!

  1. Anonymous - Just like most web-places, you may feel free to browse this site anonymously. I'll frequently publish free content here for period of time before making it members only. Feel free to read with no need to sign up or let me know who you are whatsoever. No cookies, no trackers, nothing like that.
  2. Free Member - If you'd like, feel free to become a free member of the website. All you need to do is click the little subscribe button and select the free plan. You'll receive members only updates in your inbox and you'll have access to the archives of all those updates. I'll never sell or use your email for anything other than those updates. Did I mention it's free?!
  3. Paid Subscription - For the full experience, sign up for a paid subscription. It's pretty cheap at $5 a month or $50 a year. Paid subscribers get access to exclusive content, previews of new projects I'm doing and extra goodies. You will also be supporing my work, which might make you feel good too!

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