Are You Happy, or Not, or Not Sure?

It’s not just about making sure the tech works, it’s actually about designing the experience in a way that highlights the people on the phone in a way that replaces something they would ordinarily experience in person.

Two people, one child and one adult, walking on the beach.
A recent in-person meeting experience with the team.

Here I am again. Typing! Yesterday’s heat felt ok to me, but I didn’t have to leave the house too much, and certainly didn’t have to walk all over the subway and brave the city streets. Instead I was mostly at home, sitting in my air conditioned workspace, sometimes with a window open, sometimes not. Today it’s cooler out—windows open.

Virtual Onboarding

My first three or four months at Amazon were entirely virtual. I attended meeting after meeting online and went through my entire onboarding process virtually. I interviewed virtually as well, forgetting to ask my recruiter where the office even was. It just never occurred to me!

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