Parking in Brooklyn

A couple weeks ago my wife and I brought home a new car. We are moving out to Long Island tomorrow after living in this two bedroom apartment since 2010 and well, we needed a car for our new suburban lifestyle!

Our apartment is on a rush hour street in Brooklyn called Ocean Avenue. It means that from 7am-10am M-F you can’t park on the side of the street heading to the city and from 4pm-7pm you can’t park on the other side of the street.

So here’s my car moving schedule for the last two weeks.

  1. Wake up each day at 6:45am to go move the car to a legal spot.
  2. At 8am we leave for daycare. I usually go fetch the car from where I’ve left it and pick everyone up at the door.
  3. Back from daycare around 8:30am, I park in a spot on the other side of the street if I can find one. Good till 4pm.
  4. Around 3pm I go out to move the car to a legal spot.
  5. At 5pm we leave to go pick up the little guy.
  6. Back from pickup around 5:45pm, I park in a spot if I can find one that’s good till 7am.

If I can’t find anything on our street I head down Parkside which is alternate side cleaning. My favorite day was today. On Thursday you can’t park on one side of the street from 7am-10am AND it’s street cleaning day on Parkside from 8:30am-10am.

Tomorrow we will have a driveway and a garage. Today we have Brooklyn.

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