Summer is coming, the solopreneurs, and minding your garden

When I do the math, I realize that I have spent around half of my professional career as a freelancer, contractor, business owner or some other type of self-employed status.

A Marigold growing in a raised garden bed.
More than just a box of dirt

Just start writing. This is my best advice for anyone who is stuck with writing. Like I’ve been, recently. Just start typing on the keys and see what happens.

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone. It was a nice one. Low-key and nice weather. I even fired up the grill and drank a beer. Right now though, I am back at my desk, plugging back into work, and cleaning up my inbox. I’m doing well at one thing for sure, and that is keeping my inbox at bay. When I first started this job, I wrote up a post on my email strategy going in. I was concerned things would wind up the way they did at my last full-time job—an inbox with over 50K messages, many unread, many never read.

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