Welcome to something new

I've started a new website and newsletter project. I hope you'll play along.

Welcome to something new
A recent but unusual selfie of the author.

Over a year ago I tried to write a weekly newsletter. Writing is very cathartic for me, and the idea of sharing my words with an audience has always intrigued me.

It wasn't long before the newsletter crashed and burned, turning into nothing more than a pile of internet dust and broken links. It was too much, and I already had too many things to worry about in my life. I mean, we all do, right?

This year, things have changed. I started a new job in January, and my family and I decided to move from our little apartment in Brooklyn to a much bigger home in a small town on Long Island. It's been a little while, but recently I decided I'd like to try something new--a fresh start for this website and newsletter.

It turns out everyone is doing a newsletter. It's the thing to do, unless you are already "TikTok famous." It's a fad, but I like fads, and I'm happy to play along and be late to the party over and over again. However, I figured I'd do things a tiny bit different this time around.

This new website is meant to be a home--a homepage! It's basecamp for all of my ideas, and a scratchpad for the ideas that have yet to be formed. Soon, it will be home to some new fiction I've been working on, and I am sure it will be a place for me to share a photo or two. It's not a magazine, it's not a graden, it's not an archive. It's a home.

I'm excited that you are here, sharing my home, even if only for a brief moment. If you'd like to stick around for dinner, you can subscribe for free and if you'd prefer to sleep on the couch, you might consider a paid membership. Either way, I'm always happy to host.

I don't know where this thing will go, or when it will end, but I am here today, and interested in what is to come. I hope you will be as well.